How Long Does It Take To Make A Website For a Home Inspector?

If you want to make your own website, one of the questions you may have is... How long does it take to build a website for a home inspector? The answer is below...
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If you are wanting to know how long does it take to build a website for a home inspector, it’s just like the previous post, “How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website”, I can’t just give you an answer “X” and be good to go

Some people prefer simplicity and only want a one-page website without blogging or anything else. That can be done in under an hour.

Other people may want multiple pages to showcase different things, blog archive page, contact page, schedule an inspection page, and more. So, it all depends on how big you want to build your website. 

Of course, the learning curve to understand the software is shorter for some than for others. It may take one person 20 minutes to understand how the page builder works. On the other hand, someone else may need an hour or two in order to have a good understanding of how to use it.

When you are starting a website to promote your home inspection business, you need to remember that starting is more important than being perfect.  You can always come back and make changes later if you need to.

You also have to consider what you are doing for your content.  If you are writing everything it may take you a few days to get what you want. If you use a ghostwriter, you may have to wait a few days to get your content back.

So, in closing, I’ll just say that most websites, if you have content ready, can be built in a day.

When it comes to writing content for your website it can be easy if you outsource it. But, if you write the content yourself, only you know how fast you can write.

If I had to put an equation to it, I’d say:

GS + TD + PD = Total Time To Build A Website

GS (Getting Started) is buying what you need, setting everything up & installing WordPress along with the basic steps to setting WordPress up. (approx. 1 hour)

TD (Theme Design) is the global design elements like your “header” and “footer”. (approx 20 min)

PD (Page Design) can vary from page to page. For example, contact forms take 10-20 times longer than a picture. So it’s hard to say a set time but I like to estimate each page (if I have content ready) for enough cushion to finish the project. (approx 30-60 min per page)

For example, let’s say we are building a basic website with the following pages.

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Services Page
  • Blog Page
  • Contact Page

That’s a 5-page website.

So not counting the time writing the content, you should be able to make a website from scratch in around 4 to 5 hours.

Now, if you are using templates when building out your pages you can streamline this process. I’ve been building websites with WordPress for over a decade.

Trial and error helped me streamline the process. That being said, I can normally build a basic website in 2-3 hours from scratch. When it comes to a full 25+ page website with individual pages for your ancillary services like Mold Testing, Radon Testing, Termite Inspections, etc, it could take hours and hours if it is being done from scratch.

With the Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template, anyone can build a professional website with 25+ pages in a few hours with customized pages and everything.

Note: This does not include the time saved with our website template or the time to Get Your Domain.

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