Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template Changelog


  • Page-by-page walkthrough (Headings sizes adjusted to EM instead of PX) 
  • Mobile Design updates on all pages.
  • Optimized for quicker build without “Advanced Custom Fields” (ACF) to keep native content “ON-PAGE”

This has been a fairly large update on my end. The main focus was mobile design & responsiveness. While I did redesign the template to REMOVE ACF. It was a long term play for the template. Not so much, it didn’t work. 

**REMINDER***  I’ve spent years on this template and have polished it for home inspectors with the specific settings to work on Cloudways Hosting. This template WILL NOT work with all hosting companies.

This template was built to be the best, and it deserves the best available hosting without breaking the budget. This is why we recommend & use Cloudways. (Even though we offer hosting through “HostYak Powered By Inspector Branding“)

2.0.2 – Core Updates

  • Footer design updated to “full width” & align social media icons (right).
  • Thermal Page – Mold link updated (/mold-inspection to /mold-testing) **This is for all 1.0 & 2.0 websites.
  • Malcare is still having compatibility issues. As of now it says it is safe to still have active. 
  • Header – Schedule button changed to “open in same window”


  • Contact Page – Contact form change in “PHONE” field to “Tel”
  • Header/Footer Update – Removed Twitter icon from social media list
  • Footer Update – IB Credit Line
  • Footer Update – Copyright Year Automation
  • Added Google Reviews Plugin 
  • *Malcare Security Plugin – There is a bug in the code communication between the plugin & Cloudways servers. Currently the plugin WILL NOT update. Do not worry. They are aware of the issue and are working on a fix.

2.0 – UHIWT2.0 Official Launch

*CORE UPDATES include all available system, plugin, and theme updates.