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Your home inspector website home page is the most important page on your website. It doesn't matter how people get to your website, they almost always go to your home page. After 15 years of experience, I have found these 9 things almost mandatory for every website to have on their home page.
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It’s not just the latest inspection report or checklist that you need in order to be successful. You also need a great website home page, and this blog post will tell you what items your home inspector website needs on its home page in order to entice visitors to stick around for an inspection of your site.

When it comes to the home page of your home inspector website, it is king! (or queen) Most of the traffic to your website will be funneled through your home page. So you need to make sure when you are building your website, or having it built, that it is clear in what you do along with where you want your visitors to go. Here are some things you should have on your homepage.

Here Are The 9 Things That Every Home Inspector Website Home Page Should Have:

  • Headline – A successful website should always have a clear and simple “headline” to tell it’s visitors what it is about and it should be at the top of the website or “Above the Fold” which basically means they can see it without having to scroll. You can get some great info about page titles for your headline/S.E.O. settings. “Professional Home Inspection Services In Metropolis, State.”
  • Sub-Headline – This is simply a supportive headline that offers a brief description of what you do and/or what you have to offer. “We proudly offer full-home inspection services in Metropolis, State, and the surrounding areas.”
  • Primary Call-to-Action (CTA) – This is why you are building a website! You want to have something that tells people what to do in order to do business with you. (IE. Call Us For More Information, Schedule Your Inspection)Your Primary CTA should be “Above The Fold” Keep in mind you may want to have 2-3 supportive CTA’s spread throughout the rest of your page as well.
  • Benefits – What you do is important but if your visitors don’t know the benefits of hiring you then they are likely to do business with someone else.
  • Social Proof – People do business with people they know, like, and trust. If they do not know, like or trust you yet, a “TESTIMONIAL” or “REVIEW” is a great way to show that you can be trusted and helps you close the gap on people wanting to know and eventually like you. You can also use the review section on your home page to direct traffic to your full review page. This is where you can showcase a collection of your favorite reviews and send links out to the review pages for Facebook & Google My Business.

  • Bonus Offer Opt-In – This is the hardest thing because it means more work. But having a bonus/download for your visitors will show that you know what you are talking about and can be looked at as the expert in your field. (The biggest thing to remember is that you should ALWAYS make sure what ever your “Bonus” or “Gift” is, IT MUST HELP YOUR TARGET MARKET. Don’t make something or “give” something away because you think it’s nice. Make sure it will, without doubt, help the people who use/view/read/listen to it.

The Last 3 Things Your Home Page Needs

  • Features – In support of the Benefits, it is helpful to give people more of an understanding of what’s provided by using your products and/or services.
  • Industry Resources – There is a good chance that a first-time visitor to your website isn’t ready to do business with you yet. Offering a link to a resource page or even a small resource section on your homepage where they can learn more, will help you establish your credibility as the go-to expert and the thought leader in your industry.
  • Supportive Images/Visuals – All images/videos/icons should be supportive of the content on the page. Remember that these need to be resized & optimized for page speed (Resize-Image.net)(TinyPNG.com) as well as for SEO (Don’t forget to fill in Alt Tag & Description for your images)

If we walk through the website home page of the Inspector Branding sample website DealKillersHIS.com you will see how much work is put into a successful home page for home inspectors.

The next page you want to focus on is your About Page & we’ll cover that page next.

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