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Follow along with this guide to brand, market, and grow your home inspection business.

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Need Help With Your Content Marketing?

I know you’re busy, and don’t have time to write blog posts or create content to market your home inspection business . So I created the Inspector Branding Content Club. A Blog Post Library, Content Calendar, & more content you can put your own twist on, watermark, and post as your own.

Getting Started

First things first, this isn’t a “how-to” website for becoming a home inspector. We’ll leave that for the professionals like InterNACHI.

Outside of getting trained and certified, the next most important decision to make is naming your home inspection business. But before we dig into naming your business, we need to have an understanding of a few more things.

This very well may be the most important blog post I’ve written on Inspector Branding. It’s important because it stands at the center of everything that you’re going to do to market, advertise, brand, and grow your business. 

Your clients PAY YOUR BILLS! Don’t you think you should try to understand them more so you can help them more?

That is what the Client Compass is. It will walk you through understanding WHO your target market is. Then it will cover the journey they take before and after the home inspection. If you don’t understand the journey they’re on, you can’t help them through it. If you can’t help them through it, you’re just a stop on the journey, like a gas station on the trip to the beach. 

Use the “Client Compass & Target Market Guide” to help you have a better understanding.

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There is a lot that goes into the process of home inspector branding.

Before we jump into this home inspector branding guide, please don’t let the word “BRANDING” get to you. Just remember that your “Brand” is what people think about you & branding is what you do to help them form a positive opinion of you and your business.

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Naming Your Home Inspection Business

Know Your Exit Before You Name Your Business

Before you get to the next step, you should have an understanding for your “EXIT”, or “Long-Term Goal”. This is a lesson the Navy SEAL that killed Bin Laden taught me years ago

Understanding what you’re going to be growing your home inspection business into, helps you know what direction to go into when naming the business. 

If you are thinking about building a brand have a career and eventually sell the business, your last name isn’t going to be a good name for the business.

Know Your Exit – Read Blog Post

Branded Username

This is also an important blog post. Your “Branded Username” (or BU for short) is how people find your business/brand online. When done properly, your Branded Username will be unique and uniform ON ALL PLATFORMS!

This means that if your “BUSINESS NAME” is “Client First Trusted Home Inspections” you can have a “Branded Username” as “clientfirsthis” for example. 

So the application of your BU would fit your domain (clientfirsthis.com), facebook, instagram, twitter, etc (@clientfirsthis).

This makes it easy for your clients to find you online.

Learn how to find available BU’s with the guide below

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Start Your Digital Footprint

Now that you have a Branded Username, it’s time to “Claim” it.

Claiming Your Name

The process of “Claiming Your Name” online can take some time, but if you don’t do it when you start, you risk the potential of someone else registering your domain, or getting the handle you want on Instagram. So take the time in the beginning and do it right the first time. 

Even if you plan on having a custom email address with your domain, you should use Gmail.

You can check all of your email through Gmail and so much more. 

You will need a Gmail account in order to use Google Voice, YouTube, or Google My Business (GMB, for short, is the “Reviews” part of Google)

How to Create a Gmail Account for Beginners – Read Blog Post

When it comes to putting your phone number online, sometimes you don’t want to put your personal number. Having a secondary number from Google Voice allows you to not only forward your calls but you can text, set “Do Not Disturb” mode, and more … FOR FREE!

At the core, I like Google Voice because it allows me to keep my business texts and calls in one place. 

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