Permalinks • What are they? What are the best settings? Read & Find Out!

Permalinks are one of those things that if you skip it in the beginning, it could cost you hours later on. Be sure to have your permalink settings done right from the start!

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If you are building a home inspection website, PAY ATTENTION, because the WordPress permalinks are very important. Luckily, it is very easy. Before I go into the changes I just want to let you know the answer to the question you might be thinking right now…

What is a Permalink?

Honestly, it can sound like a foreign language to you if you are not familiar with it. But, it really isn’t that complicated.

Wikipedia describes it as:

A permalink or permanent link is a URL that is intended to remain unchanged for many years into the future, yielding a hyperlink that is less susceptible to link rot. Permalinks are often rendered simply, that is, as clean URLs, to be easier to type and remember.

View Wikipedia’s full breakdown.

My Recommended Permalinks Settings

You need to go under “Settings” and click on “Permalinks” Then you need to select “Post Name” and click on “Save Changes” … That is it! 🙂

permalinks setting

That is all it takes to set your permalinks. Please go do that now so it will help you keep your links looking clean! 🙂

But I want you to remember, if you are using “postname”, you want to be sure your posts are original.

For example, with this website, I’ll have a lot of content on similar subjects so instead of writing a new post about how to make a website for home inspectors, I’ll add to an existing post. That way the permalinks aren’t complicated. You could also break down those blogs into different posts with the title explaining more about that part & develop your original blog post into a “table of contents” type of post. As I continue to publish blog posts you will see how the website design page evolves in that way.

You may also see other sites creating what looks like a series of posts. For example, if you’re working on the blog post “What Every Homebuyer Should Know About Home Inspections”, you may not want to have a 20,000 word blog post. So you may want to have “What Every Homebuyer Should Know About Home Inspections | Radon Testing Edition” with a new “edition” for every part of the home inspection (roof, foundation, electrical, plumbing, mold, etc.)

So your “main post” URL (permalink) may look something like this:

***SIDE NOTE: The best practice is to break the words in your permalink with hyphens. (ONLY IN YOUR PERMALINKS, NOT IN YOUR DOMAIN.) You should also try to keep the words and length of the permalink as short as possible. As you see above, the example isn’t that short, but it is exactly what it needs to be so it’s easy to remember if you need to type it out by hand, you can. So try to refrain from using words like a, an, of, the, etc.

Continuing with the example, your “Radon Testing” page permalink may look like this:

As you see, keep it clean, easy to remember and on topic.

*Content Marketing Tip – When you create blog series it gives people something to look forward too. So when you are marketing your home inspection business remember to think of your content as “episodes” or “classes”. Reference other content on your website and link to it. Properly structured permalinks will help with this process.

I hope this has helped you! As always, I’ve enjoyed making this for you all & if we can help you along the way with any questions you can always contact us on our Facebook or Instagram. You may also want to join the Inspector Playbook Master Group on Facebook as well.

Thank you for trusting me with your business.

I hope you have an amazing day!

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