Do You Need A Website?

One Time Website Design Offer

If you are seeing this, you already know the foundation of what I’m offering. I’ve spent about 8 hours per day for the last 5 days working on  finishing the website template for home inspectors. It is the closest thing to a complete website that you can get without paying for a complete website.

But like I said in the email, I’d like to test it out on a few different websites, five websites to be exact.

So here is the deal…

I need to make sure this template works with multiple installs and work out all of the kinks before I make it available to the public. 

So I am offering a limited website design package.

14 Page Professional Website Design For Home Inspectors

This is a complete customization of the template for your home inspection company. It includes changing out your logos customizing the content on the website with your personal information and changing out any other images you have.

What Does It Look Like?

Home Inspector Website Template Responsive

And That's Just The Home Page

What All Is Included?

Every page listed to the right is included in the website. There are some additional pages that I don’t have on that list like your website sitemap, privacy policy, standards of practice and other similar pages. 

From a very detailed home page to direct the traffic of your visitors throughout your website, to call to actions for scheduling you for a home inspection, this core website is made for you!

Pages Included

Blogging Is Here To Stay

As I’m sure you already know, blogging is a thing of the present and future. (OK, and somewhat the past)

So I have put together 3 default blog posts for you on your website that is completely written and ready to go.

Each of the blog posts come with everything done for you. This includes the on-page S.E.O., Featured Images, Excerpts, Tags, and everything else you need.

Like I said there are three different blog posts. 

How Much Will The Website Cost?

The template itself is built specifically for HostYak. Yes, it is my personal hosting company. (Just Being Transparent)

That being said, the pricing I’m going to quote for everything that you need is based on using HostYak domain & hosting services.

The following are ongoing costs for everyone.

A. Domain – You need a domain in order to have a website. Think about it as your “address” to your website, or online office. The cost of a domain with privacy registration and protection is about $22/year.

B. Hosting – Website hosting is basically just a server that you rent to store the files for your website. You can think of this as the land that your “online office” sits on. The cost for hosting with security encryption (this keeps your clients info safe) is about $21/month.

C. Page Builder – Normally you would need to invest in a page builder, but since I’m building the website for you I can use my developers license, that will save you $50/year.

D. Email Services – This is so you can have your domain be part of your email address. Basically it allows you to have This starts at $20/year for a single email account and goes up to $40/year for 5 different email accounts.

So Your Yearly Cost For Everything Not Counting The Design Is About $315/year.

How Much Is The Website Design Package?

So the website price is going to be based on you using HostYak so that I can walk everyone through the process in the videos. I will also be recording myself making your website with the intention of using the video to create the training that is going to accompany the website template. (Don’t Worry Any Personal Information Will Be Blurred Or Blacked Out) That being said, How Much Is It?

Let me make this perfectly clear. This size of a website would normally cost upwards of $2,000 if not more, potentially MUCH MORE. But, remember that the design cost is not every cost associated with building a website. You have to remember the other costs we covered above. So everything together is only …

Total Cost: $561

That cost is $500 for the design, $22 for the domain (which will rebill yearly), $21 for the hosting (which will rebill monthly unless you prefer to pay for a year), and the last thing is $20 per year for the Email Services. 

All That For $561


If you are interested and would like to claim one of the five available packages, fill out the form below and they will be responded to in the order they are received.