Just a quick note…

First thing’s first, I hope you’re having a great start to 2022 and wanted to say thank you all for an amazing 2021. 

Here’s the deal, for us to fully showcase what we can do we need a few more people to use as an example of what is capable with the strategies and such we’re going to be sharing on Inspector Branding moving forward. 

So that being said, we’re going to officially be launching a new “club” like the “Content Club” but MUCH BETTER! 

Introducing: The Inspector Branding “Locker Room”

This is NOT going to be open to everyone. There are ONLY 10 total spots available currently AND THIS IS REGIONALLY EXCLUSIVE*! 

While this is basically locking me in as a semi in-house marketer & consultant, it’s a bit more than that. So here is what you’re getting inside of the Inspector Branding “Locker Room”. 

Website Design (if needed) – Of course, a custom professional website is a must! 

Website Hosting – High-Speed hosting for your website.

Monthly Website Updates & Maintenance 

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

Logo Design (If Needed)

These are the basic setup steps. After these steps we are also going to be customizing the Content Club monthly content for you.

(Yes, you will have full access to the Content Club & any other digital assets that are released via Inspector Branding)

Blog Posts – One blog post per week customized for you based on content club blog posts. (POSTED FOR YOU-All you have to do is login once a week, proof the post & click publish)

Watermarked Monthly Images – Each month as the images go live on the Content Club you will receive the same images with your logo watermarked on them for you to post on your social media. 

Watermarked Monthly Quote Card Collection – Each month we publish 30+ quote cards inside of the Content Club & as we publish the new collections each month you will receive them watermarked with your logo. 

Along with the website, marketing, and content, there will also be a PRIVATE Facebook group to serve as a mastermind for marketing discussions, updates, and more. This is where we can collaborate on successful marketing campaigns that all members can benefit from without worrying if your competition can have the same advantages. ***THIS IS ALSO GOING TO BE A CATCH ALL TO TEST NEW PRODUCTS, SERVICES, AND PROJECTS.


$250/month & the only other additional costs will be your domain (approx. $20/year) email hosting (approx.$30/year) and any ads that you wish to run. 

Remember, there is only 10 spots and with it being the first time we’ve offered regional exclusivity in a package like this, it is likely that the spots fill up quick. 

So apply now before it’s too late. 

*Regional Exclusivity With 50 Mile Radius On ALL Inspector Branding Services. 

DOES NOT INCLUDE: Content Club, Website Template, or other digital products.

If you are interested, apply for the Inspector Branding Locker Room using the form below. If there is availability in your area and positions left, we will send you the link to sign up.