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Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template

Version 2.0

The first home inspector website template with guided on-page SEO & built page-by-page specifically for home inspectors.

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Disclaimer: This home inspector website template IS NOT everything you need for a website. You will need a domain *with privacy & protection* ($25/year), Email (if you want you@yourbrandsname.com) ($6/month), and Hosting (The recommended hosting is $26/month)[I have a coupon code to save you some money here too]. The last thing you will need is your own license for the page builder which is $50/year. 

home inspector website template

The Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template

The Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template is the original full-site website template for home inspectors. This complete home inspector website template includes what a home inspector needs to build a professional website for their home inspection business. Including prewritten content, done-for-you basic SEO and over 20 pages including:

Reviews page

Reviews page complete with review slider placeholder & static placeholders as well to display your client reviews.

Click-to-call buttons

Keeping your clients in mind, the click-to-call buttons allows your clients to easily call you directly from your website while viewing on their mobile device.

On-Page SEO, Content & Design

With over 20 pages, your home inspector website is ready for the internet. Pre-written, search engine optimized content fill pre-designed pages all complete specifically for home inspectors.

embed your scheduler

The schedule page is set with a placeholder for your schedule inspection form from your home inspection software ready for you inside of the Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the home inspector website template, at it’s core, is a pre-built website, with just basic customization you can finish your website in about an hour or two.  If you are wanting to completely make the template unique to you and your home inspector brand, a few extra hours would make your home inspection website “POP”!

There are some additional costs to building a website. The first and most important thing you would need is your domain, which costs approximately $25 per year. The recommended hosting is $26 per month, and the software license for the page builder is $50 per year for a single site.

That makes the initial investment to get started under $300. This includes the full cost of the template, domain, and the page builder. (Sales & Specials are NOT INCLUDED) 

Your monthly cost is only going to be your website hosting at $26 per month. You do have a FREE 3-Day trial with the hosting and not required to pay for hosting upfront.

Then annually you will be billed for the page builder and your domain at about $75 per year.

Absolutely! The template is built with a drag-and-drop page builder. So not only can you create pages, you also can save current pages as templates to help create new home inspection ancillary services pages.

Yes you will. Actually, there are three blog posts pre-loaded into the home inspector website template. 

  • 28 Real Estate Terms Every Homebuyer Should Know
  • What Is A Home Inspection & What You Should Know About Them
  • How To Find A Qualified Home Inspector

Absolutely! I know you need to have that on your website to show that you are certified and who you’re affiliated with. That is why I reached out to Nick Gromicko from InterNACHI and got him to OK me optimizing the badges for your website and getting those optimized images to you as a bonus. (See Below)

We do not host websites for the template builds. We have a full blog post on what hosting we recommend. It covers how to sign up and set up what you need to use the home inspector website template.

Counting the legal pages there are 22 pages that are created. Out of those, if I counted right, there are 18 pages with content & design.

Some require more work (putting in your email address for the contact form, adding your scheduling form for inspections) but most are ready for you to put your personal information in, make it yours and go!

The home inspector website template includes placeholder pages for you to paste your “Standards of Practice” & “Code of Ethics” pages. It also includes template pages for your “Privacy Policy”, and your “Terms of Use” pages. [These are TEMPLATES & PLACEHOLDERS. We ARE NOT LAWYERS, PLEASE SEEK LEGAL COUNCIL FOR ANY LEGAL PAGES.]

Watch Me Build A Home Inspection Website

With The Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template

This video is a time lapse of the installation process. The video starts with a fresh installation of WordPress and with the home inspector website template you will see me build out a 25+ Page Professional Home Inspector Website!

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home inspector website template
https://websitemockupgenerator.com/. www.inspectedbypros.com

Bonus #1: Home Inspector Content Kit

A $97 Value

Home Inspector Website Template Bonuses

The “Inspector Content Kit” comes FREE when you purchase the Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template. It comes with a Photoshop template to create customer/client testimonial templates to use with your Facebook/Instagram/TikTok/Snapchat “Stories” or “Vertical Video”. It also includes two pre-made templates you can import into your stories and create content in case you do not have photoshop.

You will also receive a collection different quote cards when you purchase the home inspector website template. These are square images with different quotes over royalty free, public domain images that you can post to your social media sites as your own. (Designed at 1080px X 1080px) 

Bonus #2: Optimized Stock Photo Library

A $50 Value

stock photo for home inspector website template
home inspector
pexels mart production 7414922 900
pexels pixabay 259593 900

When designing your website, you have to remember to have your images sized right and optimized for mobile. I have gathered some great public domain, royalty-free images and have resized & optimized them for you to use on your website.

There are also some images already in place within the home inspector website template.

Bonus #3: Peace Of Mind Promo Video

A $50 Value

Get the “Peace Of Mind” promo video pre-loaded & embedded as a file onto your website template WITHOUT THE WATERMARK. 

*This video can be customized for your business. Contact for more info.

Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template

A Letter From The Creator

April 14, 2024

From the desk of CJ Hallock

Jonesborough, TN

Did you know that you don’t need to hire a designer to have a professional home inspection website?

I know it sounds crazy because we’re so used to hearing about how hard it is to build a professional website. There’s coding, design, page speed, image optimization, search engine optimization, but the truth is, with the right approach and proper tools you can build a professional home inspector website in a few hours.

And today, I’m going to share three secrets with you that are going to revolutionize the way you think about branding, website design & how you market your home inspection business.

My name is CJ Hallock, I’m the founder of Inspector Branding and I’ve been building websites for over 20 years and have been full time in marketing & branding for over a decade.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to help many different home inspectors build out websites and marketing strategies that not only are professional, but also performs. With good rankings, lead capture possibilities and more. These inspectors have built 5 Star Brands around their websites.

So how can you have a 5- Star Website that looks like you paid a professional firm thousands of dollars for? What is the secret? It’s actually a free platform called WordPress.

And I know what you’re probably thinking, I don’t know anything about design or branding, I’m a home inspector.

Well, I’m going to show you how you can use some amazing resources paired with WordPress so that you can build your own website that stands at the core of all of your marketing and assists in building and growing your home inspection business into the business and brand that you know it should be.

But before I get there, let’s cover the 3 secrets I mentioned earlier.

Secret #1: Is a Branded Username or BU

Your BU isn’t necessarily the name of your business as much as it’s how your business is branded digitally. This is important because it is branded only to you. Let’s step away from home inspections for a second and look at the brand Coke or Coca-Cola. Their actual business name isn’t “Coke” or ‘Coca-Cola” it’s The Coca-Cola Company. But their BU, or Branded Username, is just CocaCola. It’s short enough that they have it on all social media platforms and they also have the .com domain and of course own the trademark. And with those three critical checklist items, availability of the username on social media platforms, .com availability, and trademark availability, a branded username is yours. You can grab your domain and start building. 

Secret #2: Using the Right Tools

Technically you can count this as a few secrets but either way, having the right tools can change the time and money invested when you’re building your website. Tools like the right hosting & security can make a website load sometimes 2-3 times faster! Using the right page builder can let a 93-year-old man design better-looking pages on his website than a person who spent years going to college for it. True story, I helped a 93-year-old entrepreneur understand using an affordable page builder while redesigning a website he paid a late 20-something recent college graduate thousands of dollars to design. I moved the website over to his own account and while drinking a cup of coffee, I showed him the ropes and within a few hours he was making better-looking pages than the “Professional”.  But enough about that guy let’s move on..

Secret #3: Take the Available Shortcuts & Remember Your Clients Will Too!

Now, I’m not saying you should take every shortcut, or that you should always look for shortcuts because we all know shortcuts don’t always have positive outcomes. But if there are proven shortcuts available, take them. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel at every turn. You want to make sure that your potential clients have a path of least resistance from finding you, to scheduling their home inspection. So using the Free scheduler form from Spectora, for example, keeps you from having to build out this long-form or paying a programmer to integrate it into a system for you to use. This can make that specific page, your schedule page, very easy for you to design because at the core all you have to do is copy and paste the code for your personal form and it helps provide your client with that path of least resistance. Shortcut for the win right?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, I can make a completely free website with one of the online website builders, or I have a Facebook Page and don’t need anything else. Well, as I’m sure you may know, you can have hundreds if not even thousands of followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and only have a small percent of them actually see what you post or share. And the worst-case scenario, what if that free online website builder decides to allow Google Ads on their “free” websites? Now, your competition can buy ads through google that displays ON YOUR WEBSITE.

And so I’ve created a master website template that you can use to build a professional home inspection website for your business and the cool part? It can be done in an afternoon.

For those of you who have talked to me about web design, you know I’ve been building out a complete small business website template to help entrepreneurs and small businesses get their website up and running as fast as possible. And this template is the core template I’ve used for over a decade, and in many different niches to get started building websites for my clients.

I spent over ten years perfecting that core template and honestly have never even considered selling it. The only way it was ever used was if I personally built the website. It’s amazing and after 10 years of tweaking it, it automatically saves me hours worth of time installing plugins, putting in the proper settings, creating the necessary pages, and the list keeps going.

After deciding to work with home inspectors, I decided to go back into that core template, tweak it and customize it specifically for home inspectors.

This thing is crazy! I literally spent hundreds of hours going through every page on hundreds if not thousands of home inspector websites. To say I did some additional research would be a massive understatement. Then with my 20 years of experience building websites and a complete understanding of the home inspectors’ target market & buying process, I made a super website template just for home inspectors.

Look, this thing is a finished website! There are over 20 different pages created for you, along with written content by professional writers, and almost completely designed for you. It also has some default blog posts for you to use and publish as your own with featured images, descriptions, categories and much more DONE FOR YOU.

If the template itself wasn’t awesome, the fact that at the core, this template with MINOR WORK will get you a 20+ page professionally looking website. And honestly, it can be done in under an hour if you don’t customize it much and just want to get the ball rolling. That does include every step, including registering your domain and setting up your hosting.

Here’s the deal, this isn’t just a WordPress “theme”, or a generic template that is only for home inspectors because it says home inspector in the titles of the template.

The pages are designed with pre-written content specifically for home inspectors and the needs of your clients.

So not only are you able to design and launch a professional website, you are also going to be following a step-by-step video that will walk you through all the above and also your on-page search engine optimization.

& don’t worry, I understand what year it is, so yes, it is also responsive, or “mobile-friendly”.

And because I know you may need help with the template along the way you will also have access to additional videos for training, as well as access to me via our Inspector Branding Facebook Group, and other social media platforms. 

Now, paying a professional designer to design a similar website, you could be looking at thousands of dollars before you even get to the “content” and written copy on your website. It’s over 20 pages and with a lot of designers charging over $100 or more per page, that’s over $2,000.

I could sleep well at night selling this template for $1,000, if not more, especially when you include the research, design time, ghost writers and everything else included in the template I’ve spent probably close to 500 hours working on building just this & spent a lot of money getting everything set up the way it is. At its core, it saves close to 20 hours in the setup & design, if not more. 

When I launched the first version of the home inspector website template, it was selling at over $500. And even at $500 I’ve had home inspectors tell me that the value is worth a lot more.

But I really want to over-deliver & truly make a positive impact on the industry.

So honestly I went to Google to see what other so-called templates are available for home inspectors, the same way you would.

Once I got through the ads I found some service providers that charge hundreds of dollars monthly for a website that is not even over 10 pages, & when I got to the “Home Inspector Website Templates”, most of them were either for contractors like painters & electricians OR  they were for agents.

So basically you’re paying $60-100 for a theme to have a specific look in the header and footer.

As you can see, pricing something like this isn’t easy, because there’s nothing like it in the market to compare it to.

So I decided to keep the entire template with all of the bonuses at $395 for the regular price. But on this page, you can see that I’ve already added a $200 coupon code for you. That makes the home inspector website template available ONLY ON THIS PAGE for $195.

This home inspector website template gives you the opportunity to have a professional-looking website with over 20 different pages that is made with your client in mind.

A reviews page pre-designed for you to showcase your company’s reviews by simply copying & pasting the reviews into the template. As well as a Google Business Profile integration to display your reviews 100% FREE

Individual pages for your additional services like Mold Testing, Radon Testing, Sewer Scope, WDO, and Thermal Imaging. You of course also have pages to sell your Pre-Listing & Pre-Purchase Home Inspections.

A contact page with a clean and professional-looking contact form so that you can stay in touch with your prospective clients, and when they’re ready, a “Schedule My Home Inspection” page where you can embed your schedule form from your report software like Spectora.

So for under $200, you can get your own copy of the home inspector website template.

I would also like to introduce the Inspector Branding Club with other cool templates, monthly “white-label” content, marketing materials, and other bonuses including access to the website template for home inspectors completely free with your membership!

While Inspector Branding Club was originally called the “Content Club” and only included a few blog posts per month, it has evolved to so much more. 

The “white-label” blog post library is full of blog posts that you can customize for your brand, and post on your own website and/or social media platforms. With new blog posts added monthly, there is a decent about of content, but each blog post is downloaded as a “Blog Post Kit”. 

So while each “white-label” blog post is at least 400 words, they each come with links to suggested royalty-free stock photos that you can use that won’t cost you anything. You also get two prewritten status updates to share your blog post once you publish it, and a promotional image to use on your social media sites to share the blog post.

You also get a new collection of quote cards and other content that you can post from your business every month.

I could keep going but there is a lot that is inside the Inspector Branding Club, and you’re here to for the Home Inspector Website Template. So instead of digging deeper into IBC I’ll just say that if you would prefer to join IBC and get access to everything mentioned above and more, you can do so by selecting the option in the bonus box below.

home inspector marketing specialist

If you want to purchase the template by itself, or would like to join IBC and save money in the process, we can get your website live.

Get your copy of the Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template TODAY!

I’m always here to help and I can’t tell you all the success that can come from a professional website, especially for home inspectors.

Get your copy of the template & I can’t wait to see you on the inside where we build our home inspector website.

C.J. Hallock

Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template

What All Comes With The Template?

After you checkout you will be taken to the “Download” page. This is where you will gain access to your template download files.

Your download files will include:


Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template

The Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template file is a single file that holds all of the images, code and everything else that makes the template. This individual file is the largest of the downloads.

This file is separate from the main download as it is frequently updated. So as software is updated you can have the most up to date version of the template.

The main file is also made to work EXCLUSIVELY with the template installer WordPress Plugin.

*This process requires a higher quality website hosting provider (See Template Guide)


The “Template Install Kit” has what you need to install the template and start building your website.

Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template Install Kit 2.0

Other Bonuses

Quote Card Collection

Over 100 pre-made quote cards that you can watermark and post to your social media profiles.

Optimized Stock Photos

Over 30 different stock photos that have been resized & optimized for you to use on your website.

Social Review Templates

These pre-made templates help you showcase your reviews by pasting them into the templates.

Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template

Get The Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template TODAY!

The Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template will work with redesigns of current websites. There will be an extra few steps but no worries.

† – No Refunds On Digital Purchases

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