The Best Home Inspector Website Builder Plugin For WordPress

Looking for a home inspector website page builder? Look no further! Whether you use the Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template or want to DIY your website, this guide will walk you through the power of this amazing tool.
elementor pro home inspector website builder

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Looking for a home inspector website builder? First off, if you’re looking for website design services for home inspectors go here. If you’re wanting to build your own home inspector website, you’re on the right post!

As a professional designer, with over twenty years of experience, I’ve used upwards of probably 100 different “Page Builders” or “Software” to build websites. I’ve built websites that had to be written. Yes, I had to write code that told your computer how to load the website and where the images and content should go. IT WAS NEVER FUN!

On May 27, 2003, American developer Matt Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little launched a new “blogging” platform called WordPress. I was introduced to WordPress in 2006. Back then, it was NOT the platform that it is today. But, it was and remains to be an amazing FREE tool that you can use to build your home inspection website.

The platform has evolved drastically over the last 15+ years. Along the way, developers have created thousands if not millions of different tools and resources for WordPress.

One of those tools, Elementor, has changed the game FOREVER! In my opinion, it’s the best home inspector website builder WordPress plugin on the market!

Home Inspector Website Builder Plugin

home inspector website page builder

Elementor is a WYSIWYG Page Builder for WordPress.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page builders have been around for years. I remember similar style page builders incorporated into websites like GeoCities in the late 1900s. (Yes I Typed That!) But while “similar” they were nothing like Elementor!

Free Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Elementor has what is called a “FREEMIUM” structure. This means that they have a FREE version and a PREMIUM (ElementorPro) version.

Getting started with the “Free Elementor Plugin”, it gives you almost everything you need to build your own home inspector website.

The cons for the Free Version are:

  • Does NOT Include “Theme Builder” – Meaning it doesn’t allow you to custom design your header/footer/blog page.
  • Does NOT Include “Forms” – This is an important part of your home inspector website. You ALWAYS need to have a working “Contact Form” on your website.

You do use the FREE versions WITH the PREMIUM version. So I’m not saying “not” to use Elementor, I’m just saying you should be aware of the limitations in ONLY using the free version.

Home Inspector Website Builder – Elementor Pro Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Of course, there are some major benefits to using the premium plugin ELEMENTOR PRO.

  • Pro Exclusive Templates
  • Pro Exclusive Design Elements
  • Elementor Theme Builder
  • Custom Contact Forms (With EASY Mailchimp Integration)

We will be covering a lot more as time goes by. For now, GRAB YOUR COPY of Elementor Pro so you can build your own home inspector website today.

If you plan on using the Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template, you’ll need a copy of ElementorPro.

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