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Course Launches: July 11, 2022 @ 2:00pm EST

Home Inspector Marketing 101

From getting started with your branding to a complete marketing strategy for home inspectors, and more.

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Home Inspector Marketing 101

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There is a lot that goes into a successful marketing campaign for home inspectors. You have to first understand your target market, know how to reach them, and actually reach them. See some of the training topics listed below.

Client Compass | The Home Buyers Roadmap

The first class is “Client Compass” where we discuss your “Target Market” and what it takes to get your potential clients from thinking “I want to buy a home” to become “Brand Ambassadors” for your business. That is basically customers who LOVE YOUR BUSINESS & will tell EVERYONE they know about you and your services.

Social Media Matrix & The Party Plan

The second class, launching Wednesday, September 29 is the “Party Plan” which is a breakdown of the social media marketing strategy that will help you become a brand that is beyond just a home inspector. We’ll cover what it takes to build a successful following on social media & how you should view social media as a whole. This is a strategy I learned back in 2009 that I evolved specifically for home inspectors.

Content Crank | Content Marketing 101

Then on Thursday, the third class is where we separate ourselves from the rest of the pack. It is called “Content Crank”. At the core, it is Content Marketing 101 for Home Inspectors with a TWIST! We are going to be covering the basics of content marketing throughout all three classes but this class specifically is focused on how to crank out A LOT of content for your followers without putting in a lot of work & money.


Thank you CJ for everything you have done!

He guides you, helps you and mentors you on how SEO works, social works, Google works. He advises you on what to do, what not to do and HOW TO DO IT!!

Jake Edenfield

Learn from a Professional Marketer with 20 Years Of Experience & Over 5 Years Experience With Website Design, SEO, & Marketing For Home Inspectors

There are a lot of different marketing strategies that can cross over between different industries. The true home inspector marketing secrets are all based in knowing your target market and merging that information with the right home inspector marketing strategies.

cj hallock home inspector marketing professional

CJ Hallock

- Home Inspector Marketing Specialist

I started making websites when I was in high school in the late 90’s. After serving our country in the U.S. Navy, I started building websites again on a regular basis. Over the years I’ve built websites for businesses across the globe and in almost all 50 states. 

While my knowledge is primarily marketing and design, I’ve grown in my knowledge of home inspection industry since building my first home inspector website for K.C. Bartley years ago. I decided to dedicate myself to the helping home inspectors. So I spent hundreds of hours researching and studying the industry and glad to be part of the community and helping home inspectors grow their business.

The FREE Home Inspector Marketing Course

Your future as a home inspector hangs in the balance. Thanks to this FREE, comprehensive course we’ll walk you through every step and give you all the tools to create a business that last long past your first inspection. From finding your target market and understanding the marketing journey, to getting rankings with social media on search engines and using social media for success – it’s all inside of “Home Inspector Marketing 101”.

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