Introducing The Home Inspector Book Kit

Stand out by giving your potential clients a professional ebook.

After months of work, the “Home Inspector Book Kit” is finally live! We have worked with ghostwriters and have put together a “White-Labeled” eBook that you can make some minor edits to customize for your brand, and giveaway. (or sell!)

Help Your Clients Understand The Process

How to give your potential home inspection clients a professional book without having to write it


If you are a home inspector trying to find a way to stand out, PLEASE READ THIS.

As I’m sure you know, marketing has changed drastically over the last few years. Aside from word of mouth marketing, you’re almost guaranteed to fail unless you play the content marketing game and take advantage of lead generation.

Imagine giving away a professional book from your website. 

“The [Your City] Homebuyer’s Handbook”

This 90+ page book is yours to customize and claim as the author. With a 1,500+ word blog post, you can play the content marketing game, build your email list, and generate leads.

If you were to hire a ghostwriter to help you with writing a book, you could be looking at thousands of dollars. If you did it all yourself, you could be spending hundreds of hours writing it. 

With the Inspector Branding™ “HOME INSPECTOR BOOK KIT” you can get everything you need, including ebook cover mockups & premade covers. 

What All Is Included?

After you make your purchase, you will get access to the kit as a compressed (.zip) folder. Inside of the folder will be four different folders.

Report/Blog Post (1,565 words) – This folder has the word document (.doc) for the blog post. This is going to be the main post that you promote. It can grow over time as you add other content in other blog posts and link to from here.

Book (18,414 words/97 pages) – This folder has the word document (.doc) for the book/ebook. You can use this content collectively as a book, or separate the book into individual blog posts based on the different chapters. 

Cover Files – This folder has all of the cover files you need. You have a flat cover that you can use if you don’t want to customize it. You also have a 3D mockup of the cover. I’ve also included a photoshop file for both the cover & the mockup. 

Elementor Template – This folder has the Elementor template you can use to get opt-ins to download the book.

How Much Does It Cost?

No beating around the bush, you’ve seen everything that comes with the kit. You get everything TODAY for a ONE-TIME PURCHASE of ONLY $97