This “Brand Identity Worksheet” is to assist in gathering all of the content that you will need for your brand. Once you save this, you will be using this as a reference & copying and pasting, when building your website, social media profiles, and a lot more.  Be sure to use proper grammar so that you don’t have to go through all of your accounts and change everything later. 

Copy & Paste: There are two ways you can copy and paste. Highlight the text, then in order to “copy” the text you can either “right-click” then select “copy”, or you can use (Control + C for “Windows” OR Command + C for “Mac”) Then when you’re ready to paste the text, put the cursor where you want the text to be and paste by either “right-click” then select “paste”, or you can use (Control + V for “Windows” OR Command + V for “Mac”)

Inspector Name

John Inspectorson

Business Name

Client First Home Inspections

Phone Number

(555) 867-5309

Phone Number Link


Primary City, State

Metropolis, ST

Other Cities/Region

We serve X, X, and X region.

Sample Report Link

Schedule Form

<iframe src=‘′ style=’border:0;height:1100px;width:100%;’></iframe> 

Branded Username


Gmail Address

Branded Email


Inspected Right Every Time

Core Values

Integrity Trust Experience

Mission Statement

Our mission is to…

Vision Statement

Our vision is to…

Primary Brand Color

#D00000 (Free Speech Red)

Brand Accent Color

#EFD52A (Golden Dream)

Social Media Links