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JOIN TODAY! Let the Inspector Branding Club help brand you as THE GO-TO HOME INSPECTOR in your area.

Blog Post Library

Get access to the full blog post library that includes white label blog posts for you to customize and post to your blog/website as your own.

Quote Card Library

Get access to hundreds of white label quote cards that you can add your logo to (watermark) and post to social media as your own content.

Marketing Help Desk

Get help with your branding & marketing with the Home Inspector Help Desk. Request Blog Posts, ask questions and get the help you need.

Monthly Content Kit

You will have access to a monthly content kit for each of the 12 months with over 200 images you can post to social media.

Other Bonuses

You will see new bonuses uploaded frequently. Bonuses Include: Social Media Posts, Page Templates, Ebooks, Videos, and more.

Home Inspector Marketing

How Content Marketing Helps You As A Home Inspector?

Show Them You Can Help Them By Actually Helping Them

As home inspectors, you know that you are paid to help your clients make an educated decision on one of the biggest investments of their life. But if you help them go through the roadmap from deciding to be a home buyer through any and everything else they need around the home. You not only keep "returning clients" but you also create fans and real "brand ambassadors"!

Content Is The Gateway To Your Future Clients

Delivering quality content to your market allows you the opportunity to get in front of your clients before the real estate agents.

home inspector content marketing club

Inspector Branding Club Bonuses

Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template

($395 VALUE)

home inspector website template

The Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template is the original full-site website template for home inspectors. This complete home inspector website template includes what a home inspector needs to build a professional website for their home inspection business. Including prewritten content, done-for-you basic SEO and over 20 pages including:

Ultimate Home Inspector Website Template

The Home Book eBook Kit

($195 VALUE)

The Home Book for Home Buyers eBook Kit is everything you need to create a killer blog post that either sells or gives away an 80+ page ebook for homebuyers. Pre-made graphics, graphic templates, and website templates will let you put up the book on your website to generate leads or customize it all and become a published author. Buy the books from the publishing company I’ll show you about, and use them as your “business card” and truly stand out from your competition. 

The Home Book eBook Kit comes with templates so that you can truly make it your own book.  The main book is a basic .doc file so you can open it, edit it and do what you wish.

ebook for home inspectors

The ChatGPT Home Inspector Prompt Library

($95 VALUE)

ChatGPT A.I. is taking over. You’ve seen it all over social media, news, and just about everywhere else. There is no escaping it. 

The ChatGPT Home Inspector Prompt Library is a collection of custom prompts that have been engineered specifically for home inspectors. With a simple click-to-copy button, all you have to do is past the prompts in GPT and fill out some basic information and you’re off to the races.

A Letter from the Home Inspector Marketing Specialist

April 14, 2024

From the desk of C.J. Hallock

Jonesborough, TN

You may have heard the phrase “Content Is King” before. But you are busy enough talking to clients, doing inspections, writing reports, and that is before you include family time. That is why I created the Inspector Branding Club. So you can build your empire without having to do all of the work. Take the content, put your own twist on it and post it as your own.

The Inspector Branding Club is the only content marketing club focused on helping home inspectors market their business with quality content. From blog posts to status updates, images, videos and more.

Why is the Content Club right for you?

Well let’s look at what you’re getting

Each month new blog posts are added to the blog library. These blogs are “White-label” pre-written content that you can make your own and publish to your website as the author. And with each blog post you’re also going to get 2 pre-written status updates to help you share your blog once it’s posted.

Inside of each blog post kit you’re going to receive the body content which is at the minimum 400 words. Your description, excerpt, tags, free stock photos and more

You’ve seen the inspirational quote images all over social media. People eat that stuff up & each month you will get over 30 new quote cards for you to post to your own social media accounts.

Then you have the Monthly Content

This is a members only download with 60+ holiday & other image posts for you to post each month. This is based off of the complete content calendar that is updated each month on our blog.

How does content marketing help you as a home inspector?

The first thing it does is it shows your potential clients that you can help them by actually helping them.

As home inspectors, you know that you are paid to help your clients make an educated decision on one of the biggest investments of their life. But if you help them go through the roadmap from deciding to be a home buyer through any and everything else they need around the home. You not only keep “returning clients” but you also create fans and real “brand ambassadors”

Listen, Content is the Gateway To Your Future Clients

Delivering quality content to your market allows you the opportunity to get in front of your clients before the real estate agents and with pre-made content, it allows you to focus on the things that you’re good at.

Now I’m not going to lie and say this is just “Copy & Paste” content. Because they are for lack of a better way to word it, base templates for content. Specifically with the Blog Posts.

If you want to benefit from the content you do need to add your own thoughts to it but a few minutes to write an introduction and a closing paragraph is a lot better than an hour or two to write the blog post.

With enough content to average multiple posts per day on social media and a few blog posts per month, you could expect to pay a hefty amount for this much content.

If you hire a ghostwriter to write a weekly blog post for you, it could cost anywhere from $50-125 per blog post.

Graphic design for social media posts can cost a decent amount as well.

Some other companies will deliver 6 pieces of content for your brand per month for hundreds of dollars.

This isn’t that type of club!

For a fraction of the profit from a home inspection you can get content to market your business like a professional.

Inside the Inspectors Branding Club you also get access to the different content libraries as well as the Home Inspector Website Template library, the members only facebook page, and more.

Now, you’ve seen inside of the Inspector Branding Club. You wouldn’t still be here if you didn’t see the value in it.

You may be asking how many hundreds of dollars this is going to cost you.

After all, you’re receiving access to the $400 website template, hundreds of quote cards, the blog post library, status updates, image posts and more.

So it makes sense to worry about the cost. But don’t.

Here’s the deal. When I started Inspector Branding, I did so with the intent of helping the inspection community.

I launched the “Content Club” over a year ago and received a lot of positive feedback. But over the first few months, I continued to get suggestions on what could make the club better for inspectors.

I listened and continued to add to the content club until it outgrew the name.

I’ve included hundreds of dollars worth of additional bonuses and after a while, I decided to rebrand it as the “Inspector Branding Club”.

Like I said, I started this to help the industry. Which is why, even after adding all the features and bonuses I’m going to keep the price the same for now.

OK, technically I decided to raise the price to $75 per month, but as of now, if you are seeing this page, you should notice that I have added a coupon code that guarantees you a spot at only $50 per month, as long as you sign up before the price increases.

home inspector marketing specialist

If you look at the bottom of this page you should see the coupon code automatically attached. If you do, congratulations! You still have a chance to get in before the price increases.

One more thing before you go, I am also including a limited time offer to buy a annual membership at a discounted rate. In fact, you get over two months FREE! If you would like to sign up for a year, you can check the box for the up-sale below & save over $100!

Fill out the form and sign up for the Inspector Branding Club today

I’ll see you inside!

C.J. Hallock

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