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I just want to keep you all in the loop. It may be a little long but here goes ...
home inspector marketing challenge

Need Help With Your Content Marketing?

I know you’re busy, and don’t have time to write blog posts or create content to market your home inspection business . So I created the Inspector Branding Content Club. A Blog Post Library, Content Calendar, & more content you can put your own twist on, watermark, and post as your own.

The Home Inspector Marketing Course – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

I am still working on finishing the marketing course. Basically put, my backup hard drive crashed as I was saving one of the Keynotes. Then after realizing I lost everything on my backup, all of the Keynotes I had in my system were destroyed as well.

I was talking to a few home inspectors last week before everything went crazy for me & one of them asked me a question.

“If you were walking a home inspector through the branding and marketing steps from day one, what would you do?”

While that is a loaded question, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I know I covered some of the first steps you need to take inside of the course but honestly, there is a lot of steps that have been skipped. Honestly, some are not even taught, it’s just assumed.

Through the years I’ve worked with or consulted brands in many different fields that include people who just have started to build a business, including new home inspectors, to working on a social media content campaign for a national brand like Blu Emu.

I’ve learned a lot over the years and decided to put it ALL into training.

As I was talking to that home inspector I remembered the power of showing.

So what I’m going to be doing is a massive undertaking and I may request some assistance from some of you during this.

I’m going to call it the “14 Day Home Inspector Marketing & Branding Challenge”

Here’s how it’s going to work. I am not going to “start a home inspector business” so there will be some small steps like adding my address and such that I won’t do in this but even then I’ll work on getting screenshots for you all. I don’t want to outrank local inspectors just to show you how this works.

But I am going to start a home inspector “BRAND”. It’s not going to be

I’m going to walk through the naming process, building a brand identity, designing a logo, building a website, basic on-page SEO, social media setup, content marketing, and more.

& I’m going to try and do everything needed for under $500 Total! So that includes the logo design, setup for hosting, buying the domain, email, the page builder needed to build a website, and everything else.

I’m going to be working on the recordings and the blog posts that go along with each day over the next few weeks. I have to get the “Branded Username” set up and registered before I start sharing just in case if someone tries to take something out from underneath me. (YOU SHOULD ALSO DO THIS IF YOU ARE NEW) We’ll cover all of this inside of the videos and blog posts.


I’m not going to flood everyone’s email with daily emails unless YOU WANT IT!

So if you want the emails daily when it starts along with updates as I put it together, I’ve built a form that will be linked here if you want to sign up.


This is me looking at the thought process of me basically becoming a home inspector and how a marketer would take each step in getting started from not only a marketing standpoint but more importantly a “BRANDING” standpoint.

So be sure to sign up to get the emails so you don’t miss anything.

The Return of the Content Club | IT’S LIVE

Yes, you read that right The Inspector Branding Content Club is back on the market for EVERYONE! Honestly, I’m getting back to putting up more content inside the Member’s Area as soon as I finish this blog for you all.

I do have a basic video and information on the Content Club page if you are interested. I will be doing a full back-end walkthrough soon.

Join The Content Club

Home Inspector Website Template | UPDATES

This is a massive undertaking for me because it’s been getting a major facelift. I’m working on some more automation to assist in building a professional and optimized website. Along with many new features and updates, there are also going to be some new bonuses and benefits to the Home Inspector Website Template.

I do not currently have a set date to release the new version but I do plan on releasing it in the next few weeks. I thought I had it complete but after a few test runs, I found a step that can be reduced by 30-45 minutes by automation so I’m just fine-tuning everything for you all.


Be one of the first people to get access to the BEST HOME INSPECTOR WEBSITE TEMPLATE AVAILABLE!

OK, I know it is a lot of stuff to digest but I wanted to keep you all in the loop.

As always, if you have any questions you can shoot me a DM on Instagram or use our Messanger App on this page.

Thank You For Reading

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